Original Pattern Drafting 101

Create your own knitting patterns

At the heart of DesignaKnit is Original Pattern Drafting.

Draft garment pieces and let DAK magically translate the lines in the workspace into knitting patterns.

Learn the ins-and-outs of using the workspace PLUS 4 ways to getting your vision into DAK so you can get knitting.

Don't just watch videos ... apply what you learn with walk-throughs and practice exercises.

DAK 8 or 9

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Master Original Pattern Drafting
Stuff you MUST Know
Original Pattern Drafting Essentials
Learn the workspace and master the tools

Integrate Stitch Patterns
Combine Stitch Patterns with your garment shapes

Knitting your Original Design
Get Knitting! Interactive Knitting, print formats
Which method is best for you?
Quick Start using Standard Garment Styling
Don't start from scratch, use the hundreds of basic designs available, then modify them and make them your own.

Copy a Hand Knitting Pattern with no Diagram
No diagram with your hand knitting pattern? No problem!

Copy a Hand Hand Knitting Diagram
Having a diagram makes using hand knitting patterns easier. Learn the tricks

Background Trace (DAK 9)
Use digital sewing patterns (or other sources) to create your shapes in DAK

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