Original Pattern Drafting 101

DesignaKnit course: Original Pattern Drafting 101

Explore 4 ways to get designs into Original Pattern drafting to turn your design ideas into knitting patterns.

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Original Pattern Drafting Essentials

Get familiar with the workspace and explore commonly used tools

Quick Start using Standard Garment Styling

Quick Sweater Designs from DAK templates

Copy a Hand Knitting Pattern with No Diagram

No diagram? No Problem!

Copy a Hand Hand Knitting Diagram

The HK pattern includes a diagram. Use a combination of the measurements AND the written instructions to get the shapes into DesignaKnit

Background Trace

Trace an existing diagram to create a shape file in Original Pattern Drafting. Although the Trace feature is part of DAK 9, the process of creating a shape from a diagram using points is the same in DAK 8. This exercise will expand your knowledge of Original Pattern Drafting in both version 8 and 9.

Integrate Stitch Patterns

Best of Both Worlds: Stitch Patterns and Shapes

Knitting your Original Design

Get Knitting!