Graphics Studio

DesignaKnit Course: Graphics Studio

Take a photo or any image and magically convert it to stitches! Graphics Studio is an amazing part of DesignaKnit that doesn't have to be mysterious.

From image to Stitch Designer in a few steps to knit your images in Double Bed Jacqard, Fairisle, Intarsia or use the G-carriage.

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Overview and Planning

Convert a digital photo to stitches and knit it in double bed jacquard on an electronic knitting machine.

Start-to-Finish: Basic Conversions

Start-to-Finish: Color Photo


Your Turn - Practice and Challenge

Options and potential pitfalls

More than Just Photos

Punchcard Conversion | Graphics Studio vs Stitch Designer | Other Stitch Types

Stuff you Should Know

Editing Images | Double Bed Jacquard

Workshop Part 1: A Basic Conversion

Workshop Part 2: A Not-so-Perfect Conversion

Workshop Part 3: Use the Motifs