DesignaKnit Quick Start

DesignaKnit course: DesignaKnit Quick Start

Get focused on what DesignaKnit can do for you. Explore the power without the overwhelm. DesignaKnit is huge! With 5 sections, lots of options and possibilities.

You have the most powerful pattern making tool for machine knitters ... don't let the complexity cause you to lose sight of why you invested in DAK.

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Get knitting with the power of DesignaKnit and the focused instruction and practices from

Standard Garment Styling

Create basic sweater shapes with just a few clicks.

Original Pattern Drafting

Expand your design skills and create knitwear that you will love.

Stitch Designer

Add color and texture to your designs and make them special

Interactive Knitting

Graphic knitting instructions - machine knitter's delight!

Graphics Studio

Custom stitch patterns from nearly any source