ELEVEN Design Challenges

DesignaKnit Course: ELEVEN Design Challenges

ELEVEN design projects to explore some of the many powerful features of DesignaKnit. Learn the tools and practice the techniques with practical examples that can be applied to your designs.
NOTE: The yoke is NOT a round yoke design.

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Josephine's Color Block Pullover

Create a custom sweater start-to-finish based on your dimensions. Use Standard Garment Styling as a shortcut, then customize the design in Original Pattern Drafting. Dak 8 and 9 techniques are included.

Background Trace

Trace an existing diagram to create a shape file in Original Pattern Drafting. Although the Trace feature is part of DAK 9, the process of creating a shape from a diagram using points is the same in DAK 8. This exercise will expand your knowledge of Original Pattern Drafting in both version 8 and 9.

Swing Skirt (Sideways Knit)

Explore creating sideways knit garments. Use Standard Garment Shaping as a shortcut to creating your pieces, then easily manipulate the pieces in Original Pattern Drafting for custom designs. Knit skirts may not be on your radar, but the skills learned can be applied to any other garment style.

Sideways Vest

Explore curves and sideways knitting.
This sideways vest is practically seamless (just the shoulders) and will fit a range of sizes without needlebed limitations.

Classic Henley

Introduction to the Exact Stitch layout feature, snipping out openings and precisely positioning stitches Classic Henley design .. your way.

European Shaped Shoulder

Create a classic sweater style with the shoulder seam shifted to the back.

Raglan Sleeve Sweaters

The raglan style is classic. DAK makes quick work of accurately charting your own raglan sweaters.

Saddle Shoulder Sweaters

Create this beautiful sweater style with 2 sleeve designs and accurately add stitch patterns to the saddle

Start from Scratch

Start-to-finish, this simple t-shirt style has expanded design possibilities. Use DAK to create a shape you love and use it again and again.

Christmas Stocking

Create the sock shape and Let DAK position stitch patterns on your Christmas Stockings (or any socks) (DesignaKnit 9 Only)

Create a Yoke

Take a basic sweater shape, modify the front garment piece and add a yoke in just a few steps.
NOTE: This is NOT a round yoke