Pattern Drafting for Fit

DesignaKnit course: Pattern Drafting for Fit

Get custom knitting patterns with great fit by using both Standard Garment Styling and Original Pattern Drafting to modify pieces for the alterations you need.
Darts - waist shaping - curved hems - rounded back - baby bump, neckline alterations, plus more fit adjustments

This course requires that you have a basic understanding of both Standard Garment Styling and Original Pattern Drafting. The topics are advanced.
We recommend completing both Standard Garment Styling Deep Dive and Original Pattern Drafting 101.

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Just like in dressmaking, adding darts can go a long way in improving the fit of your sweaters. Even if you don't like your sweaters "skin-tight" sometimes removing a bit of bulk can improve the appearance dramatically.


Adjust length, style, upper arm and cuffs.

Waist Shaping

Show off those curves.

Custom Sizing Charts

Why re-enter your measurements every time you create a new garment? Use the DesignaKnit custom sizing charts.

Miscellaneous Alterations

No body is perfect DesignaKnit makes it easy to alter your designs to fit you.

Tips for Plus Knitters

Alterations for curvy girls

Custom Master Patterns

Save design time with Master Patterns