DesignaKnit and Lace

DesignaKnit Course: DesignaKnit and Lace

Design (or copy) simple to complex lace stitch patterns with Designaknit's Lace tool.
It can be used to create lace charts for hand manipulation, but even more amazing, it can create stitch patterns (automatic or punchcard/mylar) for standard gauge machines with a lace carriage.

Like many things in DesignaKnit, with a little understanding and knowledge creating lace patterns is fairly straight forward. However it's the little "hidden" features that can trip up knitters.

NOTE: If you use a Brother 970, DesignaKnit will not download to the CB-1 box

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About DAK and Lace

Lace Smart Symbols

DAK and machine Knitting - Don't skip this

Your Turn: Practice with the Lace Tool

Machine-Specific: Singer/Silver

Machine-Specific: Brother/Knit King

Create a Pattern Start-to-Finish