Stitch Designer 201

DesignaKnit Course: Stitch Designer 201

Your next steps in mastering Stitch Designer

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The Workspace

Learn the tools to make your design work easier and faster

Stitch Symbols VS Memo Numbers VS Yarn Symbols

"Hidden" features for more complex designs

Selection Boxes

You don't have to draw every single stitch - use Selection Boxes

Manipulate your Stitch Pattern

More tools and tips for making your design work easier

Lasso Tool

One of the most under-used tools in the Stitch Designer Toolbox

Practical Examples

Enough with the theory ... how can Stitch Designer help you?

Multi-Color Stitch Patterns

Combine stitch symbols and color

Cut 'n Sew

It's not cheating and DAK can make it even easier

Printing and Interactive Knitting

Printing options and Interactive Knitting


Integrate with Shapes

The best of both worlds - stitch patterns AND garment designs


About cables in DAK